Map review to make thinking clearer
Support multiple map structures
    1000 kinds of classification templates can be used directly, searching for classification is faster
    Cloud document sharing instantly, multi-person collaboration is more efficient
    Cloud services make you efficient cloud office
    Automatically synchronize documents in the cloud, remember your work status, log in to the same account, and switch devices will not hinder your work
    Cloud backup anti-loss
    Synchronize local files/folders to the cloud, safe and efficient cloud office
    Receive file cloud storage
    Check the received files of each chat tool at any time on different devices
    Team shared folder
    Share work information with others and complete collaboration tasks easily
    15M free cloud space
    Sign up as a Mind+ user to enjoy 15M cloud space for free
    Professional knowledge storm, you can find all the knowledge you want
    Nine categories, quickly browse related knowledge maps by tags
    You can also share your work to Storm to get likes and comments
    Professional and beautiful coexistence, pictures, text, and sound fully mobilize the left and right brain
    Nine lines are free to choose, a variety of styles can be freely matched, custom styles can quickly quote abstracts, blocks, associations, pictures, icons, notes, links, material libraries, sounds can be added, and you can also write freely.
    What can Mind+ do?
    Capture inspiration
    You can capture the inspiration in your brain anytime, anywhere, and don’t let your creativity drain
    Reading Notes
    Review the key points of knowledge, review the key points, save time and effort, and make the memory of pictures more profound
    Process Management
    Establish a work flow to enable efficient and orderly execution of all links, and work completion is guaranteed
    Time Management
    Plan to arrange personal time to make life and work orderly and fulfilling, and to enjoy a high-quality life
    Team Management
    Multi-person online collaboration, data sharing, more efficient communication, and maximum team efficiency
    Report speech
    Professional knowledge learning
    All kinds of professional knowledge in the storm area, freely search and find, reduce the cost of learning