Company Profile

Shanghai Yushu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the development and operation of mind mapping software, system software, and similar products.

About Mind+

Mind+ mind map is used in education, business, life and other fields, with a broad market prospect and a huge user market. Mind+ is a mind guide that focuses on the development of left and right brain thinking, captures creativity, and brainstorms The map tool is easy to use, fast, beautiful and rich, and can share writing. It makes the production of mind maps faster and simpler. At present, mind maps are used by elite business people, white-collar workers, students and teachers in developed countries to improve their work and learning High-quality tools for efficiency.

What can the mind map do?


Make work more efficient White-collar workers, business people, Internet er, etc., used for daily brainstorming, sorting out ideas, work plans, forming the necessary high-efficiency office software for arrangements, allowing you to get twice the result with half the effort

  • Meeting shorthand at the same time as the meeting, the meeting minutes are quickly formed, beautiful and fast, so that participants can quickly clarify the content of the meeting discussion, and follow up the progress of the meeting discussion at any time. It also adds a lot to various work reports and PPT.
  • Personal resume is in the form of a timeline, which is better for clearing personal resumes geographically, clear and beautiful, and high-end
  • Project management monitors the progress of the project anytime and anywhere, so that project execution is guaranteed
  • Collaborative sharing is by sharing the original file with WeChat QQ friends, friends can improve ideas, details, share, browse and edit mind maps


Make learning easier. Suitable for students and teachers in school, organize notes, prepare lessons, semester plans and memorize vocabulary, etc.. While making a beautiful mind map, but also plan your own learning and lesson preparation Organize it. The way of learning, teaching and creating is greatly changed in the classroom

  • The teacher prepares lessons using mind maps, which are vivid and vivid, the content of the class is clear and comprehensive, and the content of the lesson preparation is sufficient, including props, and students can be confident. Improve the quality of teaching
  • When reviewing notes and organizing study notes, use mind maps to be more organizedExpress it in an orderly manner, link the content of knowledge in an orderly manner, have a sense of picture and a sense of the whole in the brain, bid farewell to the burden of complicated and fragmented memory


Make life easier

  • Shopping list: make shopping easy and enjoyable, no need to memorize bits and pieces, meet life needs, and do your best for family happiness
  • Travel planning: You don’t need to travel with a group, it’s urgent and you can’t sleep well, you can easily arrange free travel, and take photos to record what you see and hear on the way.
  • Learning plan: Use the map to easily arrange the child's education plan, let the father and mother share the responsibility of education, so that the child's education is guaranteed
  • Family member relationship analysis, children's growth record: Maps can be used to sort out family and friends relationships, record children's growth, and establish personal growth plans


Inspiration capture, no matter what the occasion, you can record inspiration and ideas at hand, capture the details and ideas that you intend to pay attention to, seize market opportunities, and break through difficulties